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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Fall is right around the corner! Here in the PNW our weather might seem a bit spasmodic but that is the ideal weather for lawn fertilization. As temperatures start dropping in the late summer/early fall this becomes the ideal peak growth for your lawn. Warm days and cool nights make fall the perfect time for establishing new grass and strengthening your existing lawn. Here are some helpful tips from your friends at Lawn and Irrigation in creating new growth and keeping your lawn luscious all season.

  1. Test Your Lawn Soil pH and Nutrition

  2. Lawn Fertilization - We all need to eat so fertilize!

  3. Over seed - Fall temperatures are perfect timing for germinating

  4. Repair Those Bare Spots

  5. Remove Excess Thatch - The easiest way is to lower the height of your lawn mower

  6. Aerate Compacted Soil - Loosen up those tough areas and let it breathe

  7. Keep Watering & Mowing

  8. Control the weeds

  9. Clean the leaves

Fall Landscape
Fall Landscape Tips

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