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Water Sprinkler

Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW

Expert Irrigation system contractors 


Lawn & Irrigation Technologies has been the leading Professional Irrigation Systems Contractors in the Washington County area.  With over 30 years experience with Lawn Irrigation systems, serving Hillsboro, Beaverton, Southwest Hills, Forest Grove to Lake Oswego. Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW is your licensed, bonded, and insured professional irrigation contractors who guarantee to get the project done right. 


 Whether you’re looking for repairs with your current irrigation system, need an upgrade, or desire highly recommended irrigation system contractors to take on a larger scale project, your friends at Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW have you covered. 


With our commitment to professionalism and excellence it's no wonder our customers say Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW sets the standards in Irrigation Systems and has been voted Hillsboro's best irrigation system contractors. Get in touch with Lawn & Irrigation Technologies today for a free estimate on a new irrigation system installation or give us a call to schedule a repair on your existing irrigation system.



Any landscape irrigation work described in our proposal, and by way of any attachments, as designed and installed by Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW, LLC. will generally be warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve months/ one (1) year, from the date of completion. Lawn & Irrigation Technologies, NW will repair or replace any defective materials for the life of the warranty at no charge to the customer

Irrigation System Contractors - Complete Irrigation Services 

Professional Irrigation System Installation


Take out the hassle of manually watering your lawn and garden. Installing a professional irrigation system can make lawn and yard maintenance easy and convenient as well as saving money on excess watering. Adding a sprinkler irrigation system can also increase the value of your property. Let Lawn & Irrigation Technologies be your professional irrigation system contractors



Irrigation system not up to par? No worries your licensed irrigation system contractors at Lawn & Irrigation have you covered. Anything from leaking or cracked pipes, head replacements and adjustments, controllers and more. We use commercial grade professional irrigation systems products to ensure your irrigation repairs will provide the lasting features you are looking for.



Drip irrigation system - also known as trickle irrigation system - is a type of microirrigation system (Low-pressure) that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface. 



As stewards of the environment we belive in saving water and getting it where it needs to be by using high efficient spray nozzles. Adding high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles to your irrigation system helps deliver multiple rotating streams of water where you need it most. Proper use requires them to run longer, but due to the fact they don't put out as much water, they use the same or less water than fixed-spray heads. Lawn & Irrigation Technologies is ready to be your irrigation system contractors ensuring your system is eco-friendly.

Rain Sensor


Why water when you do not have too? Weather sensors are vital here in the Pacific Northwest as we are a wet state. Weather sensors adjust irrigation according to on-site conditions. Save on your water bill and give your irrigation system contractors at Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW a call to install or ensure your rain sensors are working properly!



Having properly installed Backflow preventers are not only required by OAR 333-061-070 but are important to create healthy potable water for your family and local community. Backflow preventers keep irrigation water from contaminating potable water and protect the people you care about. Let your licensed irrigation system contractors at Lawn & Irrigation Technologies help you with all your backflow intallation and repairs.


Spring irrigation tune up


Get your irrigation system ready with a season turn up. Let the irrigation professionals inspect your system for leaks, look over your water meter, examine your spray pattern to ensure optimal area coverage, check your drip filter assembly, set your electronic controller and automatic timers, check your rotors and heads and and make adjustment to keep your system running smoothly all season long! 

Irrigation Winterization Pipes


Wherever the frost levels reach below the depth of irrigation systems, winterizing your irrigation system can help prevent damage from freezing weather conditions. Winterizing your irrigation system helps prevent cracked and damaged pipes and costly repairs come spring season. When temperatures start to drop here in the Pacific Northwest, make sure your investment is protected.

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