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Water Drain



For over 30 years we have offered a complete range of landscape drainage services. Our landscape professionals are well trained and have a great reputation. We would love to help with your landscape drainage solutions. Get in touch with a member of our devoted team today and start seeing what Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW can do for you.

French drain

French Drain

French drains are one of the most common solutions to landscape drainage issues. Adding a French Drain to your landscape is an effective way to funnel water away from your property to prevent water damage to the foundation.

Benefits of Adding a French Drain

  • Cost Effective 

  • Creates aesthetically pleasing landscape 

  • Prevents standing water in your lawn and garden

channel drains

Channel Drain

Channel Drains also known as trench drains are a quick and

simple form of adding landscape drainage and an effective

long lasting solution to prevent water from building up in your landscape.


Benefits of a Channel Drain/Trench

  • Easy to maintain

  • Long Lasting Solution for Landscape Drainage

  • Reduces Soil Erosion

Dry Well Drain

Dry Well Drains are an underwater system to dispose of unwanted storm water, surface runoff and even in some cases greywater. It's a covered structure that collects excess water until it can naturally filter into the ground.

Benefits of Adding a Dry Well Drain

  • Helps dry out heavy rains

  • Dry Wells can function for years without any issues

  • Dry well landscape drainage system is an affordable solution to your water build up issues

landscape drainage

Yard Drain

Yard drains which are also known as catch basins. The purpose of yard drains is to simply catch excess surface water in the basin and redirect it. Adding a Yard drain can be a simple solution to your long term landscape drainage issues. 

Benefits of Adding a Yard Drain 

  • Prevents soil erosion 

  • Ward off annoying bugs by removing free standing water

  • Helps maintain a healthy landscape

yard drainage

Find The Best Landscape Drainage Solution For Your Landscape

landscape drainage solutions

Finding the best solution for your landscape drainage issues can be confusing. With so many different and unique options to choose from let your friends at Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW help customize a solution to fit your landscape needs. 

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