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Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW

Illuminate Your Outdoors with Hillsboro's Landscape Lighting Contractor

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Create A Visually Striking Look For Your Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Lighting!

Light has the power to transform a landscape, creating an entirely new atmosphere and experience. From the bright lights of a bustling city to the twinkling stars of a peaceful night, light has the power to create a mood, evoke emotion, and even alter the way we perceive a space.

Lighting has been used in landscape design for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used torches to light the way at night, while Greeks and Romans used fire to illuminate their gardens and courtyards. In the 19th century, gas lamps became popular, allowing for more intricate lighting designs. Today, LED landscape lighting is an essential part of modern landscape design, and can be used to create a wide range of effects.

As a Landscape Lighting Contractor in Hillsboro, Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW has been creating stunning and inspiring outdoor landscape lighting projects for over 30+ years. Regardless of the type of landscape lighting project, Lawn & Irrigation Technologies is qualified to bring light to your outdoor living space.

With so many options available, let your Hillsboro Landscape Lighting Contractor find the perfect landscape lighting solutions to fit your needs. Give us a call or email for a free estimate!

improve safety and SECURITY

Make your home safer by illuminating walkways, steps, and entryways to reduce risk of slipping and falling. Landscape Lighting can deter intruders and draw attention to hazards.


No matter the size of your home, highlight its best attributes. 90% of home buyers rate landscape lighting as desirable in a property.


Visually push the boundaries of your home to create a more welcoming entrance and make outdoor spaces usable long after dark 

Highlight landscape & Yard Décor

Highlight special landscape features like fountain, pergolas, flower gardens and your favorite trees. Bring your landscape to life after the sun goes down and make it stand out with landscape lightings

As a leading Landscape Lighting Contractor in Hillsboro, OR -  Lawn & Irrigation Technologies NW has been creating stunning and inspiring designs for over 30 years. Regardless of the type of project, whether it be new landscape lighting installations, or repairs and annual maintenance, we are certified landscape lighting professionals, here to get your outdoor needs cared for. Our designs are influenced by your customized needs to create spaces that emphasize beauty, flexibility, and functionality. 

Hillsboro's Landscape Lighting Contractor

landscape lighting hillsboro

Landscape Lighting Contractor

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Landscape Lighting Repairs  

up-lighting on a tree

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Landscape Lighting is a great way to add beauty and security to any outdoor space. With a variety of styles and products available to improve your landscape and outdoor living space. Get a free estimate for a new landscape lighting installation! 

Don't let broken landscape lighting affect your outdoor space. Our expert team of Landscape Contractors are here to help with any Landscape Lighting Repairs you may require. We pride ourselves on our prompt and efficient service, ensuring your outdoor areas are kept beautifully lit.

Don't let your outdoor lighting system fall into disrepair. Our Landscape Lighting Maintenance service is here to keep your system running smoothly and looking great. With our expert team maintaining your lighting, you can rest assured that your outdoor space will be a welcoming and inviting place any time of day or night.

Create A Varity of Effects with Landscape Lighting Products

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