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Sod Maintenance: Caring for your new sod

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Installing sod makes the development of your lawn much easier and faster. So there it is, your new lawn! However, if it isn’t well cared for in the beginning after installation it may not thrive, causing you to start over and be displeased. We would like to recommend a couple of efforts you should make to ensure adequate care of your new sod.

1. Water the sod

It’s imperative that you water your sod the same day that it is installed and continue watering frequently as it helps keep the delicate roots from drying out especially if your sod is exposed to extra sunlight. Watering also prevents the sod from shrinking in size, try to make sure you uniformly and deeply water it so it reaches the roots to become soggy within. You want to do this within the first two weeks. As the temperatures rise you can begin turning on sprinklers every 3-4 hours to make sure water penetrates soil. In the summer months it is always best to try to water in the early morning or evening, keep in mind that watering in the evening increases the chances of fungus growth. If your sod begins to pale in color it may not be receiving enough water; continue watering thoroughly so it receives moisture and restores back to the previous color.

*NOTE: We cannot and will not warranty any SOD placements where there is no existing automatic sprinkler system. No irrigation, No warranty!

2. Fertilizing

You should fertilize your sod every 5 to 6 weeks from March thru November, and resume this pattern again in the Spring. You should fertilize your sod with a high phosphorus fertilizer and continue to fertilize every 5-6 weeks during the months of March to October. Here are some general recommendations for fertilizing your lawn here in the Pacific Northwest, make sure you use fertilizer(s) that are made for grass/lawn.

  • March/April 15-3-5 Note*

  • April/May 23-0-10

  • June/July 23-0-10

  • Aug/Sept 12-4-16 Note**

  • Oct/Nov 21-0-15 Note***

*Appy with Pre-Emergent weed control “Dimension” (Follow product instructions printed on the bag).

**This is a good time to include a Pre-Emergent weed control. “Barricade” (Follow product instructions printed on the bag).

*** Apply pelletized Lime in fall/ early winter.

3. Keep traffic at minimum

Even the slightest pressure on fresh laid sod can cause delicate root systems to tear before fully forming, delaying a knitting process within the soil. If you have children or pets you should try to keep them off fresh laid sod areas as much as possible where sod was freshly placed for a recommended 2-3 weeks or more.

4. Mowing

It is recommended to wait up to a minimum of Three (3) weeks before mowing sod after it is laid to ensure the roots have established themselves into the soil and will not break due to the weight of the mower. Remember not to mow more than 1/3 of the grass blade length the first time taking it down from there with each successive mowing until you reach the height you wish to maintain.

Thank you for choosing LAWN & IRRIGATION TECHNOLOGIES NW to help with the unique look of your yard/sod. Please contact our office should you need assistance in the future!

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